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How to Apply makeup for a professional setting

How to apply makeup for a professional setting?

For the professional women makeup is important but choosing the right makeup is more important.They face a challenge in selecting the right makeup.A 2011 Harvard study showed that women who wear light make up are considered more competent, likable and trustworthy.Here I have explained how to apply makeup for a professional setting.

1.Choose makeup:

Decide which make up is best suitable to you and feel comfortable.Even though there is a research shows that women who wear light makeup are more intelligent and competent.Women who do not wear make up also there as leaders in the professional area.So, choose the best make up suits to you.

2.Kind of makeup:

There are different types of makeup like mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, Lipstick etc.choose the best that suitable to you.

3.Professional arena:

As the makeup for the bank manager is different and for the fashion model girl is different.It depends on the profession type which you are in.Some professions need no makeup, others need light makeup and another need full make up.And dress also different depending on the profession.Women Manager wear a suit where as some other professional women wear formal choose the makeup depending on the profession which you are in.

4.Get your make up items:

After choosing the makeup you have to get your makeup items from the store.Mascara, Lipstick is the common items.

If you are wearing make up for the first time you can contact beautician.

5.Do makeup:

a.dress according to your profession.

b.Apply lipstick and others.spray carefully etc.

c.spray carefully etc.

Put eyeshadows, lipsticks, your blush, mascara in a makeup bag to use when ever necessary.