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How to avoid male stereotypes

How to avoid male stereotype? To avoid male stereotypes and want to be open minded.You have heard about many stereotypes like “Men are strong and do all the work” “Guys are messy and unclean” etc. There are a lot of stereotypes you may be heard of. You want to change and avoid male stereotypes and be open minded with your colleagues, friends etc.Here are the tips are given to avoid male stereotypes.

1.Prepare for the test:

Every person has some sort of stereotypes.In you also there might be some sort of stereotype whether you knew it or not.You can check it by taking the online test.Harvard University offers a variety of free, online tests.

a.Log into and click “Take test”

b.choose a test related to gender such as “Gender-Career”.

Complete the test and read your results.

2.Correct your stereotypes:

Your results will tell you whether your stereotypes are “slight” “moderate” “strong” or “no bias”.

1.If you have bias make decisions by seeing the talent, not by the gender.for example, if you are selecting the singer. Listen to the voice by ear not by seeing the gender.

3.Find a good job:

In society, there is the stereo type that careers in nurses are female, and careers in sciences are male. Don’t follow that stereotype if you are good at nursing then apply and get that job.Don’t take the stereotype decisions in the career.Go for the jobs in which you are interested.

4.Get new experiences:

If you follow stereotype decisions then you don’t get new experiences.Try some thing new.

Try some thing that is considered as a female activity.for example if you are interested in cooking and want to cook food then do it now and enjoy eating.In this way, you can get new experiences in which you are interested.

5.Spend time in which you are interested:

Suppose every Sundays you watch football.but now you are interested in art classes.

Many people think that sports are for the men. if you want to participate in art classes go for it rather than participating in football matches.In this way, you can avoid stereotype thinking in your life.