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How to avoid unsanitary nail salons

How to avoid unsanitary nail salons: Most people go to the nail salons to get the service for the finger and toe nails.But you should be careful when checking that the nail salon is sanitary or unsanitary.Because unsanitary nail salons might cause infections.Here I have given a list of points to avoid unsanitary nail salon.

1.If possible, Research about salon:

If there is a website for the salon do research about that in the online.If there are reviews, read it.If there are any negative reviews know what has happened.

2.Make a phone call:

Give a call to the salon and ask

a.How do they cut calluses?

b.will their nail technicians wear gloves?

c.does their salon follow standards?

d.about the license and training of their technicians

3.The environment of the salon:

After you have decided the salon, go ten minutes early and survey the staff. Look for license certificates and credentials on the walls.


1.check the floors are clean without any nail clippings or dead skin

2.check the tables and walls are clean.

3.check whether the restroom is clean.

If everything is right they are following the sanitation in the salon so you can proceed, other wise you can leave the salon.

4.Clean Tools only:

The metal tools(nail clippers, files, scissors, buffing blocks other tools)  must be clean to avoid nail infections from nail salons.So ask the salon staff about how they clean the tools.

As the nail services involve clipping, filing, and buffing, you nails are prone to infection if the tools are not good. Here the few ways to ensure cleanliness.

1.Make sure disposable tools such as files, cotton swabs, buffing pads, wooden sticks) are taken from new sealed packaging.

2.Metal tools(such as nail clippers, files, buffing, trimmers, scissors etc) should be cleaned with UV sterilizers.

3.Ask the technicians to clean in front of you.

If still you are not satisfied with above ways and want to ensure safety get your own tools.

5.”No” to Razor like tools:

Recently some salons have been using callus-cutters on feet for pedicure services.This can break the skin, cause bleeding.So, know about the tools which they are using.

6.Observe  the workers:

Even the Surroundings are clean and tidy, the workers may cause affect the sanitation of the whether they have washed their hands after working with different customers.Watch whether they are using hygienic tools.whether they are using the disposable items that are in the tight pouch. Look whether they are using gloves to do the work.If they not, ask them to do so.Ask the work how do they clean tools.most people use liquid disinfectants or steam treatments in an auto clave