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Blogger vs WordPress

Difference between Blogger vs WordPress


Blogger is maintained by google. Here You have free hosting, free domain but you don’t have any control over it. Here you have very limited number of themes to select.In blogger, no plugins will be available to use for your website.In blogger, launching website is easy. So, this is recommended for newbies, who don’t care about design and look.In blogger it is difficult to move your site to other hosting.Due to this total SEO will be gone.


  • com [free Service] :

In, website creation is free and easy. So it is recommended for newbies and for personal blogs. Here you have free domain, free hosting, free backup but you have no control over your website and content.Here lot of templates are available but you have to pay for it.In no free plugins are available.

  • org [Paid Service] :

In, website creation takes time. Here you have to buy website hosting and domain and you have full control over your website and Content. So it is recommended for Professional blogs.Here lot of free templates are available. In free plugins are available.

Some bloggers rather confuse to choose between blogger and wordpress. Here we given differences between blogger and wordpress, after reading this you will be clear which is the best one to choose to your website or blog.




Blogger is a google service and are maintained by wordpress.


Blogger is free service to the users. WordPress contains two types

(1) (free service)

(2) (paid service)


Blogger contains limited number of templates to use. WordPress contains large number of templates and designs to use.


Here no plugins are available to use for your website Here lot of free plugins and paid plugins available to use for your website.


Limited storage space available for your website in blogger In wordpress, unlimited space available for paid service and 3 GB storage for free service.


In blogger it is very complicated to move your data from one hosting to other hosting, your subscribers and SEO will be goone for your website. In wordpress it is easy to move from one to another.


Here you have no control over your hosting and domain. In wordpress for paid service you  have control over your domain and hosting.


Blogger not suit for professional bloggers suits for professional bloggers


In blogger, you have no control on your own content i.e if you do not follow terms and conditions blogger will remove your content with out any intimation In, you have full control on your content i.e no need to follow any terms and conditions.