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what is duplicate content? How to check duplicate content and fix it?

Do you know what is duplicate content? and how to check duplicate content and fix it. Here I have explained regarding duplicate content in the article.

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is nothing but having same content at more than one place i.e URL.

Disadvantages of Duplicate content:

1)Duplicate content will affect search engine rankings.

a.Because search engines do not know which page to rank.

b.The search engine does not know which version to include in their indices.

2)Duplicate content will also be the cause for traffic losses.

a.Due to the duplicate content, website owners will be affected because during the google search the search engines will show only one result remaining duplicate result will not be shown.

b.If there is duplicate content then inbound links will be linked to multiple pages than to single page i.e URL.

3)If the more duplicate content is there, then google will apply a penalty.

How will duplicate content issues occur?

Due to different types of reasons duplicate content issues occur.Here we listed the reasons:

1.Http and Https Pages:

It will between the HTTP and https web pages of the same website.

e.g If there is a website “ ” having HTTP and HTTPS versions but the content is same in both website then duplicate content arises.

2.www and non-www pages:

It will happen between www and non-www pages of the website.

e.g If there is a website named which can open directly or use www. Then also duplicate content arises.

3.Copied content from another website:

If you copied content from another website and using it in your website as exactly then also duplicate issue arises.It is better to write source link at the bottom to avoid duplicate content issue.

4.URL variations:

Due to URL variation also duplicate content will occur.It is due to the order in which parameters that will appear in the URL.

E the duplicate of

5.Session ID:

Due to session Ids also duplicate content will occur.

How to fix Duplicate content?

By using three types of methods we can fix the issue.

1.Rel=”canonical” method:

By using  rel=”canonical” in the HTML page of the source code of a web page, you can tell the search engines that this is a duplicate of original link mentioned in the URL.

2.301 redirect:

Using 301 redirect you can direct from “duplicate” page to original content page.

 3.Parameter handling:

By using parameter handling in Google search console you can avoid duplicate content.

4. Meta Robots:

By using content=”no index,  follow” in the meta tag of HTML source code of web page you can tell to search engine that it will be crawled but not indexed by search engines.


The Internet has 25-30% of the duplicate content. So, using in a legal way(i.e by using terms of conditions, by using canonical tags. By mentioning source code of original website) of duplicate content in the website does not affect rankings and traffic. But using it in unethical ways will affect your search engine rankings and traffic and it may cost you penalty also.