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5 How to delete facebook account Permanently

Here we have explained how to delete facebook account temporarily and permanently.

How to delete facebook account

Here we have explained how to delete facebook account. But before deleting your account know that deactivation the account and deleting the account are different. Follow the steps to know about the deactivation and permanent deletion and their methods.

  Step1 (Deactivation):

Deactivation the facebook account will

(a)Disable your profile and photos from the most you have shared.

(b)But some information still is visible to others like your name to your friend’s list and the messages that you have exchanged with the friends.

1.Log In into facebook

2.Click downward arrow at right of facebook page

3. Select settings

4.Click “General” in the left column

5.In the Manage account click “Edit”.

6. Under bottom click ”Deactivate your account”.

Deactivating the account does not permanently delete your can reactivate your account when you login back into facebook.This means your facebook profile can be completely restored.

If you want to delete permanently your account, follow step 2.But remember you won’t be able to access your account again.

    Step2(Permanently delete):

1.First, you have downloaded a copy of your info from facebook.

2.Log In to your account and go to the

3.If you delete your account, people does not see you on facebook again. It will take 90 days to remove all the data you have like photos, posts, messages, status updates etc.while we are deleting, it is inaccessible to other people.