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15 How to get followers on twitter

How to get followers on twitter

Getting more twitter followers is very important for business expansion, or website or blog. Here I have explained 15 ways to increase your twitter followers.


Add a hashtag to your tweet or post.Using hashtags with the posts will increase engagement with the audience.So, By adding hashtags in your tweets it will increase 3 times more engagement with your audience and it will also attract a new audience who are searching for that keyword.

 2.Add links to tweet:

Add links to your tweet.This will increase retweets more from the followers and audience

 3.Promote in Social media:

Promote your twitter account in the social media like facebook, Instagram, google+ etc.

Follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter.

Attract more followers by engaging with the best discussions on the twitter.

 4.Upload email contacts:

Add people by uploading your email contacts to twitter.They will most likely to follow you back.Try to increase your email contacts more.

 5.Email subscribers:

Ask your email subscribers to follow o your twitter account.You can tell them about the interesting topics, polls, chats, discussions going on your account. So that they will be interested and follow you.

 6.Include images in tweets:

Add images to your tweet. This is will result in more engagement with the audience.Results have told that tweets with images have 30% more engagement with the audience.

 7.Follow people and they will follow you:

Follow more people. Research shows a correlation between the number of people followed and the number of followers.

 8.Include follow button:

Add follow button on your website or blog.

Add tweet button on each and every post on your blog.

You can increase audience by embedding tweets in your website content.So the visitors will follow you on twitter.

You can add a social proof by embedding follow button with a counter on your website or blog.

By doing the above things you have more engagement with the audience and they will follow you.

 9.Tweet more and more:

You can tweet the same post or tweet multiple times. This will increase your post or tweet visibility so that audience will find you and follow you. The best timing to post is 3 am or 4.30 pm and the best days to post is Sunday, Wednesday.

 10.Fill bio-data:

You have to complete your bio-data information on your twitter account and look it more professional and good. Because users will want to know more about you and they will look in your bio-data. Add relevant keywords in the bio because you make it sure you will find in the twitter search.

  11.Tweet update news and quotes:

 Share update news because it has the most chances to be retweeted.

And tweet motivational or inspirational images with quotes. They are also having great chances of getting retweets.

 12.Add Questions:

Add questions in your retweets it will increase engagement and visibility.

 13.Ask for Tweets:

Ask for retweets in the tweet. Because tweets having “please retweet” in their text will get 3x more retweets.

 14.Offer discounts and coupons:

By Offering discounts to your audience. So that users will follow you for discounts and coupons.

 15.Buy Followers:

It will be tempting to buy and increase your followers instantly.but it does not add any value to your business and they are high chances to get your account suspended. So, I strongly recommend that “Don’t buy followers”.