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How to be a leading lady

How to be a Leading Lady: Leading Lady is  Who takes charge of her life.She is some one who is strong, independent, confident, happy, loves others, laughs, not afraid, grace and strength.Every woman has that potential to be a leading lady.Leading lady not only thinks about their own but also about others.Follow these steps to be a leading lady.

1.Be healthy and strong:

Leading lady should be healthy.she should eat good foods like vegetables, good meat etc and do exercises regularly.You can also do meditation and yoga.Then only her body and mind will be healthy and strong.

2.Be independent:

Leading lady does not depend on others.she will do her work on their own.she takes charge of her life.she takes decisions independently.

3.Be confident:

The leading lady never doubts about her abilities.she always confident of herself.Her mind is clear and focused.she is confident that’s why she can achieve anything.

4.Be Sexy:

Leading lady takes cares of her body.A man not only like the leading ladies for their body but also their intelligence.Leading ladies dress differently.They will make up greatly.A leading lady who carried a baby wear a suit.Leading ladies are there in all types of relationship, family etc

5.Be happy:

The leading lady is always happy.She never gets distressed with the past things happen.and don’t think about future.

6.Helping friends:

Leading lady not only thinks about her life but also about others life.She always there for others problems.she can solve them with her intelligent mind.