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How to be a man of the world

How to be a man of the world: Every man wants to be the man of the world.These people are interesting, experienced, decent and have seen the world.Here I have given a list of tips to be a man of the world.

  1. Be decent:

.You should behave decent manners when talking, walking, eating etc.This will make you charming.You should know how to give a handle shake decently.This will make a good impression upon should behave according to the place and situation.

2.Be sincere :

You should be sincere in your work and make that well planned.Don’t give false promises which you cant deliver.This will earn respect and admiration from others

3.Be knowledgeable:

You should be knowledgeable about the things happen in the should read books and newspapers and watching tv to get the knowledge.Participating in the discussions, debates will also increase the knowledge.You should be able to analyse the body language, able to mind of persons.

4.Talk properly and be multilingual:

You should be able to talk properly with others.You should become multilingual.This will help you in you should be able to speak multi-languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic etc)


5.Be Independent:

You should be independent in doing your work, taking any decisions.and also you should be financially independent.


You should travel to other places or other countries.This will help not only in relaxing but also to get knowledge about the places you have visited, about the people you have seen, about the food you have tasted and more.These are all the experiences and knowledge you can get by travelling to other places.You can share this experience with other people.

7.Be Healthy and strong:

You should be healthy and strong.This will happen only when you eat good food and exercise will make the body fit. You can also do the meditation and yoga to become mentally strong.Playing sports with the friends also makes you fit.

8.Be Exciting and Interesting:

You should be able to dance.Learn music and able to cook food.You should be able to play an instrument like a guitar is a good one and makes you an interesting person.

9.Be stylish:

You should be wearing clothes properly.Having iron shirt and pant, neat tuck up, bow tie properly, a good watch and polished shoes.This will make you look impressive.