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How to be a stylish girl

How to be a stylish girl: Here I have explained how to be a stylish girl.Being stylish is nothing but how you wear the dress.You can follow the latest fashion trends or classic styles. It is important how you wear the dress not what you wear.

1.Be confident:

You should be confident about what you wear.If you lack confidence then you don’t look stylish no matter how good clothes you are wearing.So, confidence is the key for looking stylish.

2.wear what suits you:

It is important to wear the clothes which suit you the best. It may be a classic style, new fashion trends whatever it may be.It should suit you the best.

3.Try new things:

Don’t afraid to try something new kind of fashion.but it suits you and unique.

4.Follow the great people to explore fashion trends:

You can explore the new fashion trends by following the great people like fashion designers, celebrities, models, heroines etc.

In this way, you can get many fashion trends which suits you and your personal style.but it should be unique to you.

This is the great way to develop your personal style.

5.Don’t be a carbon copy:

It is easy to be a carbon copy by just copying other fashion trends but it does not make you unique.Try to be unique than being a carbon copy by just copying the other people outfits.You can try new things to be unique.Even though you copy other people outfits then make it changes to make it unique.

6.wear according to the season:

To look stylish you can wear the dress according to the season like summer, winter, rainy like you can wear trendy v-shaped sweaters in the winter seasons.

7.Pay attention to others:

Look out others how they wear the dresses.If it suits you, you can wear the same by doing simple changes and make it unique.

8.Try new things:

To look stylish you should try new things by coming out of your comfort zone.You should only try new things which suits you best.

9.Create fashion notebook:

You can note down latest fashion trends, magazine cutouts in a book.By doing this you can follow it later according to the season like winter, summer etc.

10.Be comfortable:

It is not only importable to look stylish you should also be comfortable with what you are wearing.