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How to love yourself first

How to love yourself first? Here we have explained how to do it..

1.Accept yourself:

First, know yourself. What are your weakness and strengths.suppose you are a good singer, dancer, sports person but weak at academics, not beautiful etc?Accept your strengths and weakness with out any second thought.

2.Don’t compare you with others.

This is the important thing that you should do.Never compare yourself with others about job, wealth, success, fame, beauty, women etc and don’t get unhappy if you are in a low position in that.Be happy with what you have and be satisfied with what you have because a person does not get all sought of luxuries in life.for example, A big rich person may not get a mental peace and a poor person may be with mental peace.

3.Be peaceful:

You will get peace when you are satisfied with what you have.

4.Don’t degrade yourself:

Don’t degrade you about your looks, success, wealth, etc.Don’t think negatively about you like “I am not so beautiful”, “I am not wealthy”, “I am an unsuccessful person”.This will never help you.Rather than above you can say that “ I will dress neatly “,” I will satisfy with what I have” etc. This will create positive energy in you.

5.Love your strengths and positives:

Suppose you are good at reading books or playing games then love your strengths i.e books, games.Then you will be always think positive about yourself.

6.Be positive:

Never think negative about yourself, think only positives on your strengths.

7.Don’t care about negatives concentrate on positives:

People who love us never care about our Beauty, hairstyle, Tone etc.Then why are we thinking negatively about ourselves?.If you are not looking good but good at academics and sports.Then don’t think that am not looking good like that. Think of your strength that you are good at academics and have to improve in it.

8.know that every person has some positives and negatives:

Do you know that no body is perfect in this world? Yes, every body has some positives and negatives.Suppose you are not good at reading but a beautiful dancer then you dance more rather than reading.Concentrate more on your positives rather than negatives.This will eliminate your weakness altogether and improve your strengths.

9.Get healthy:

Take care your health by eating good food, doing exercise and meditation.Then you will be physically strong and mentally strong.So you can think of positive rather than negative.

10.Good friends’ circle:

Having good friends circle who knows about good and bad about ourselves is very important for us.They can evaluate and tell us what are good and bad points in us.They know our strengths and weaknesses very well.Select a good friend who can decrease our weakness and improve our strengths.

11.Be humble and real:

Be humble in your life so you can learn from others what is right and what is you can get real knowledge and decrease your weakness and improve your strengths.