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what is a blog? how to write a blog effectively?

want to know about what is a blog? and how to write a blog? Then you are at the right place to know about.

What is a blog? How to write a blog effectively?

Here we explain what is a blog mean and how to write a blog effectively.


A blog is like a personal website. The person who owns the blog will write on it and updated it frequently . The people around the web will see and read it.


Different types of blogs can be created.

  1. Personal blog:

In this blog, they write about personal things they have experienced i.e it may be the best tourist place he/she has travelled, the best movie they have watched, the best food they ate.

  1. Business blog:

This blog is for business purposes i.e they may sell products through this blog or marketing their product online.

  1. Travel blog:

In this blog, they write about travelling experiences about the places they have visited or about the best tourist places in the world etc

  1. Spiritual blog:

In this blog they write about spiritual experiences they have faced or they explain about spiritual things like meditation, yoga, etc

  1. Tech blog:

In this blog they write about technological updates in the world. i.e it may be updates in the computer, laptops, mobiles, software etc

  1. Food blog:

In this blog they write about best foods they have tasted or about best food in the world.

  1. Mixed blog:

This blog is a mixture of all blogs. In this blog, they can write about personal, business, tech, food, travel, spiritual etc.

Advantages of writing a blog:

  1. You can make money online by writing blog posts.
  2. Some people use the blog as a medium for marketing and selling products online.
  3. You can share your personal experiences with the people.
  4. you can Sell E-BOOKS online.

writing a blog:

  1. First decide why you are starting a blog:

First you have to decide why you are starting a blog

  1. Whether to earn money online by writing blog posts.
  2. To market your product online and increasing sales for your company.
  3. To share your personal experiences online.

 2.Select type of blog:

After deciding to write a blog, now you have to select type of blog whether it is a business blog, mixed blog, personal blog etc. If you are writing a personal blog, take the topic that you are interested like travelling, technology, food etc.

3.Select the platform:

Now you have to select the platform which you want to write. There are number of platforms to write

  1. Blogger
  2. Word
  3. Word
  4. Tumblr
  5. Ghost
  6. Square space …etc

By knowing the differences between all platforms, presently 75% bloggers are using word press.

4.Select (or)

1.If you want free word press (limited) version, create blog in

2.If you want unlimited word press version, create blog in, here you have to host with blue-host for best hosting experience.

5 .Creating a blog in wordpress with bluehost hosting:

So, if you have selected with blue host hosting. First you need to create account with bluehost.

Enter in webbrowser. you will see the below image on your screen.

Press hosting button.Next select blue host on the screen.



You will see the below screen. Click Get started now button



You will see below image after clicking button. Select the plan from the below screen. The basic plan is best suitable for beginners. Select 4-year plan to reduce the cost. Click Select button.

You will see below screen after pressing select button. Here you have to select domain name for your blog and enter in the new domain textbox (Here free domain is available).

Press Next button after entering new domain name in textbox. It will go to next page. Enter contact details in the page.Select package information from the below screen.

Enter payment information in the below screen (Check for which bank credit card and debit cards are working and not working).

After Selecting Submit button.You will get below screen.


Select Install word press in the below screen.

You will get below screen. Select Continue Installation button. Then word press will be installed for your website.

To see word press installation and to select design, layout for your blog and to write posts for your blog you have to login first. Enter Your website url/login in the url box and press Enter. you will see below screen. Now you have to enter Username and Password. Select LogIn button Next.

Now you will see this screen. Select write a new post link to write a new post for your blog.Change design, appearance of your blog as per your requirement.

Now Enjoy writing your posts in your blog.


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