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15+ways to increase and get followers on facebook

 15+ ways to increase followers on facebook

Do you know how to get more followers on facebook? As we know that it is  very important to increase followers on facebook for any business, facebook page, website, blog etc. So, Here I have mentioned 15+ ways to increase followers on facebook.

 1.Involve Images in your post:

Use Images more than description because images will be shared more than description.Posting albums(multiple images) has more likes than a single image.

 2.Adding like box plugin:

Use the facebook like box plugin to your blog or website.Because this is a great way to increase your likes.

 3.Invite your Friends:

Invite your friends to the facebook. They will see your page and posts.People who are interested in your post and page will like it.

 4.Invite your Email Contacts:

Invite your email contacts to your facebook. So that they will your posts and pages and it has good chances of liking your post or page.

 5.Create an Industry group:

Create an industry related group and post in them. Post industry-related images, posts in it.People who are interested will like your page.This is also a great way to like your page.

 6.Increase admins to your page:

By increasing admins to your facebook pages then there is a chance of increasing friends list and increasing email contacts so that you have good chances of liking your page.

 7.Share Images and updates:

share Images and news updates which are highly shareable.

 8.Promote contest:

By promoting a content on your facebook then there is a high chance of liking your page.

  9.Facebook like box Pop-up:

Welcoming users with facebook LikeBox pop-up in a website.

 10.Held a fan only contest:

Put a rule that only fans will have to participate in the contest.Then people will like your page and follow your page and become a fan.

11.Discounts and coupons:

Give offers, Discounts, and coupons to your fans because this is a great way to make them like your page. Research shows that Pages which has offers, discounts and coupons have 3 times more likes than normal pages.

 12.Create attractive cover photo:

Create attractive cover photo on your facebook. So that people will like your page.

 13.Add Like and share buttons:

Make sure you have like and share buttons on your blog posts.

 14.Include URL:

Include your fan page URL on every image you share on facebook.

 15.Using URL in Thankyou Page:

Using Facebook Page URL in Email signature and Thank you page.

 16.Promote on social media:

Promoting your page to other social networks like Linked In, Twitter.

 17.By engaging more to your page fans:

Engage with the audience and fans through discussions, polls etc.

 18.connect your facebook page to twitter:

Connect your facebook page to the twitter so it will like among your twitter followers and contacts.

 19.Paid facebook ads:

This is an easy way if you have good money to advertise your page.Here you have to pay money for facebook and it will advertise your page so that people who are interested will like you.

 20.Buy facebook likes:

Don’t buy facebook likes.It looks like an easy way to buy facebook likes from someone and get instant likes in the overnight but that does not add any value to your business. So, I strongly recommend not to buy facebook likes.