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How to Install wordpress in Bluehost cpanel

Here we have explained how to Install WordPress in Bluehost Cpanel.

After you have bought blue host space in Now you need to install wordpress to design, write posts your blog.

Enter  in URL box. You will see below image.


Enter username and password and press Submit.You will get below screen.

Select Install word press in the below screen.

You will get below screen. Select Continue Installation button. Then word press will be installed with the help of mojo for your blog.

To see word press installation and to select design, layout for your blog and to write posts for your blog you have to login first. Enter Your website url/login in the url box and press Enter. you will see below screen. Now you have to enter Username and Password. Select LogIn button Next.

Now you will see this screen. Select write a new post link to write a new post for your blog.Change design, appearance of your blog as per your requirement.


This is how to install wordpress in bluehost cpanel.

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