How to Apply makeup for a professional setting

How to apply makeup for a professional setting? For the professional women makeup is important but choosing the right makeup is more important.They face a challenge in selecting the right makeup.A 2011 Harvard study showed that women who wear light make up are considered more competent, likable and trustworthy.Here I have

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How to reset and change password on twitter

Here we have explained how to reset and change the password on twitter, you can follow the below steps to do that. 1.Enter in a web browser 2.Log In into twitter. 3.Click on “Profile and settings” at the right corner at the top. 4.Click on “Settings and privacy”. 5.Click on password at the left. 6.Now enter

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5 How to reset and change password on facebook

Here I have explained how to reset and change password on facebook. Follow the below steps. 1.Enter in the web browser. 2.Log In into facebook   3.Click downward arrow at right of facebook page 4.Select settings. 5.Click “Security and login” on the left side 6. Click “Edit” on the change password under the login. 7.Now enter the

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How to change and reset your instagram password

Here we have explained how to change and reset instagram password using the phone number. 1.Enter in web browser 2. Log In to your account   3.Click on person symbol then will get profile 4.Click on the circle change password 6.Enter old password, New password, and New password Again and click change password 7.Now your password will be

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