How to Install wordpress in Bluehost cpanel

Here we have explained how to Install WordPress in Bluehost Cpanel. After you have bought blue host space in Now you need to install wordpress to design, write posts your blog. Enter  in URL box. You will see below image.   Enter username and password and press Submit.You will get below screen. Select

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5 How to create a free blog in the easiest way in 10 minutes

How to create a free blog?  and what is the easiest way to start a blog? and how to make a blog step by step and  In this post, I have explained the answer to above questions. How to create a blog for free in 10 minutes is good for newbies who

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Blogger vs

Difference between blogger and Before knowing the differences, you have to know about blogger and Blogger: Blogger is maintained by google. Here You have free hosting, free domain but you don't have any control over it. Here you have very limited number of themes to select.In blogger, no plugins will be

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Difference between and

Difference between and In, website creation is free and easy. So it is recommended for newbies and for personal blogs. Here you have a free domain, free hosting, free backup but you have no control over your website and content. In, website creation takes time. Here you

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