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How to be a well groomed Indian man

How to be a well-groomed Indian man: Here I have explained following steps to be a well-groomed Indian man.


Comb your hair neatly and put up oil for your hair for every 2-3 days.


Do regular exercise and maintain your body well. Running in the morning, exercising your body with dumbles make your body fit and slim.

3.Look stylish:

You can look stylish by wearing the clothes which fits you and unique.

4.Take care of your skin:

You can take care of your skin by using lotions, face creams, face wash, good soaps, face massages etc.

5.clean shave:

You should maintain clean shave by doing clean shave for every 3-4 days.

6.Avoid bad breath:

This will make others can avoid this by using good toothpaste, good mouth fresheners.

7.Do meditation and yoga:

Do meditation and yoga daily for half an hour and maintain your health well.

8.Proper hygiene:

Maintain proper hygiene by brushing, eating daily.

9.Be slim:

Maintain slim body for good health and looking good.

10.Develop confidence:

You should always be confident in dressing, talking to others etc.

11.Take care of your hands and feet:

You should take care of your hands and feet by doing pedicure and maintain neat.

12.Eat well and sleep well:

Eat well and sleep well to maintain your health.

13.Wear belt and shoes:

Wear belt and shoes to look good.

14.Use lotions and creams for your face:

Use lotions and creams regularly for your face to look good.

15.Wear clothes that suit you:

Wear only clothes that suit you. It makes you comfortable and look stylish.

16.Good handshake:

Have a firm handshake. This tells you are confident.